Hunting trip in Scotland with HAIX

Not a day went by without the rainfall which is so typical of the area. Your clothing is damp and your fingers are numb. The only good thing about weather like this is that your feet stay nice and warm and dry.

Once a year, the editorial department at the German hunting magazine JÄGER turn the tables. Instead of leaving reviews to the experts, the editors engage the services of six of the magazine’s readers to test out products in a harsh and practical environment. The results are highly interesting and absolutely authentic. The focus is both on ease of handling and on how products prove their worth in wet and cold conditions. In November 2016, six JÄGER readers undertook a seventh trip to Scotland to carry out a series of rigorous tests together with local professional hunters. One of the products scrutinised was the NEPAL PRO hunting boot by HAIX.

The group of testers travelled by jeep through the Highlands before arriving on the peninsula of Ardnamurchan on the West coast of Scotland, where a full programme awaited them. On the very first day, clothing was tried out during a shooting practice which included distances of up to 300 metres. Rainy, wet and windy conditions and temperatures that were hovering around the freezing point meant that insulation and waterproof properties were at a premium. As it turned out, none of the following four days were dry either. But in Scotland, who would have expected anything else?

The testers joined local stalkers to visit different hunting grounds each day, a routine that involved considerable physical strain. However, hunting success in the form of 26 does, as well as the breathtaking landscape, ultimately compensated the group for their exertions. The performance of the equipment used was, however, also an important factor in the trip. Dewy meadows, marshes and moorlands and five days of the idiosyncrasies of weather conditions, ranging from wet and cold to clammy and damp, all place huge demands on people and their materials. However, if the latter is good, then the weather does not seem to be so significant after all. The HAIX Nepal Pro ensured that everybody’s feet remained dry and warm, and the six reader testers gave the boots a high satisfaction rating. On a scale of 1 to 10, the HAIX Nepal Pro received an average score of 9.

The testers summarised their findings as follows: “A high shaft and a two-zone lacing system means that this is a hunting boot which is able to offer a firm foothold and brilliant comfort of wear. The feet also remain dry, even in adverse weather conditions.”

Check out the Outdoor boot NEPAL PRO here.