The everyday testing activities of a biker

The beginning of a true friendship

This was a full-frontal attack from HAIX. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am against all forms of corruption and to this extent am fully immune against giveaways. Or to put it in another way, just because a product is free does not mean that it will be better than something I have bought with the sweat of my own brow.

… I unpack the shoes and think,

“oh my word, what do we have here?”

I find a pair of sandy coloured desert boots, the particular shade of which reminds me of the support stockings my grandmother used to wear. But I figure that everything should be given a chance.

Best shoes

Outside, the weather is windy and wet. In the evening, I need to go to the pub on my moped because my son is playing a gig there. This is the ideal opportunity to carry out an initial test. It is, however, something of a quantum leap for someone who usually wears dog-poo coloured down-at-heel cowboy boots. Suddenly, my feet are adorned by sparkling clean bootsmade of rubber, leather and synthetic textile. “Yikes,” says my wife. “What have you got on” Great. Time to see what other people might think. I start by taking a few steps through the garden. My neighbour Annette peeps across from the midst of her autumnal bushes. “New gardening shoes?” “Yes, I mean no. I’m supposed to be testing them.” I mumble. To put it mildly, I find the shoes strange. Including in terms of the way they look. Especially in terms of the way they look. In the evening, I rattle into town on my old Garelli.

Ten kilometres through drizzly rain. The temperature is about five degrees. But what’s this? My feet are warm and dry. The rest of me is cold and wet.

Burkhardt serves me a beer and a fruit schnapps. He peers over the bar. “New shoes? Isn’t that the Desert Storm model?” Later, I sit downstairs. The boys are making a noise with their guitars, and my son wordlessly points out my shoes. In the dim light of the pub, they stand out like a lifebuoy. He gives me the thumbs up. Oh well, I think, at least one person likes them. I have to leave my moped overnight because I’ve had too much to drink. The next day, my wife gives me a lift back to the pub, and I ride the moped home in the rain. And that’s what finally got me. I have worn the shoes EVERY day. I’ve been for a walk in them. I’ve ridden my motorbike, I’ve turned over the beds in the garden for next year and I’ve mown the lawn. I’ve even been sailing in them, something which I’ve never been known to do willingly. And in winter too! It’s now February, and the shoes have become part of me. What makes these shoes so good? Well, they are obviously brilliantly constructed. Because they have been designed as a desert boot, they need to withstand both heat AND cold or at least make them bearable. They deliver on both scores. The shoe features a clever ventilation system that works automatically as you walk along. Each step pumps a little air out. Despite a style of construction that is more than robust, after a few days it is just like wearing a large training shoe. The sole of the shoe provides an extremely good grip as well as being resistant to dirt, oil and petrol. The footbed is first class. The whole shoe is watertight right up to the top eyelet. It is really NOT difficult to lace up. Only three eyelets are used, the lower eyelets are already closed up. Even the laces themselves are of the very highest quality. I didn’t pay anything for these shoes. The question that arises therefore is whether I would buy them if I lost my present pair. The answer is a clear YES. The P9 Desert is an extraordinarily usable shoe which is unique with regard to quality and comfort. It trumps anything I have ever had on my feet, regardless of whether I am hiking in the forest or riding on my Harley.