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Two years of training followed by transfer to Kunduz Province

"I wanted to take everything with me," remembers Max. But there was a weight limit. Professional soldiers dispatched to Afghanistan can only take 40 kg of luggage with them. This is not a lot, considering that the bullet-proof vest alone weighs already 15 kilos. Then there is the helmet and other equipment. In the end, each soldier can pack just a few books, family pictures and some lucky charms, possibly a laptop. Max however managed to squeeze in a mall helmet camera.

For my trip to Kilimanjaro, I purchased special boots for the extreme high mountain areas. They were designed for use above 4000 m. I wanted to use the HAIX AIRPOWER® P6 High up to this altitude.

"Walker" is the title of Eero Heinonen's latest motion picture. The bass player of the Finnish rock band THE RASMUS (lead single: "In the shadows") plucks his hero from a hectic life in a western country and sends him on a self-discovery trip across the Himalayas. The first feature film of the young director was screened at the Helsinki Film Festival. The walker keeps going
ever further and ever higher – with shoes from HAIX.

These special units are the last line of defense for "major icidents"

The training of the Incident Response Unit is designed to enable paramedics to enter into specified areas which normally could not be entered safely in order to treat patients as quickly as possible. It also focuses on urban search and rescue, which deals with accessing collapsed buildings, people trapped at heights as well as areas flooded with water.

In mud, ice and filth
Operations from South Africa to Fukushima

As Rocco from South African supplier Marcé arrived in Bloemfontein with the pair of FIRE HERO boots that I would be testing, I had no idea of the exact outcome of this test and how thankful I would be to be wearing such high quality shoes when I was exposed to the conditions in Japan.